Friday, 30 January 2015
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Written by Jason Loutitt   

                       Namaste and Welcome to the athlete website of Jason Loutitt.

2015 eVENTS:
to come... 

As a member of an international team that ran 100miles together on the D Day landing beaches of France, a 16min tv show was broadcast across France. I ran 50 of the 100 miles in Hokas:

I also competed in 8 other events during the 2014 summer while in France (winning 5 outright) and here are some of the pics/media from those results: 

July 6 - Trail Du Mascaret (1st - course record)

July 14 - De La Mere Denis (1st - course record)

Aug 2 - La Translutine 10klm (3rd)
                                        2011 World Ultra Trail Championships - 2nd Place

                          Broadcast to over 100 million:


Gobi desert in 2007 while running around the entire world:

Latest Poem:
    ‘Our Affinity for Transformation’ 

Beat holding feathered excitement

Everyone’s cause just valued

Except to the cat from the bird just brought in

Huge eye pearing, cat playing, bird living

Nature just and only to it’s own justness

Never decided with something right or wrong

Factored figures far from our bird’s concern

Lost unless held with heart

Non-mediator thought broken between bringing unjust

Left to deal with remaining bones

Questioned future, hopeful survival or wincing

Faltering forecast finally circling

Grasping bird and situation

Justness thoughts wondrously wisped

Prior value’s importance gone

We spent the remaining time determining

Where to place our injured bird

Not dying, flying or living until let go justly

Fleeing winged flash of light

Reflected lost time lesson

Wondering journeys went where

or lived on because it just let us go

No matter how far, it flew far enough

Each eye from our start

Holding onto this?

Cat fleas’ flashing light chiming

‘Have you seen my shirt?’

Ha, we threw them out the window at 30,000 feet

While coaster wakeboarding from first class aisles

Evolved from ‘not free’, Party started in lineup to pee

Stewardess ran up while it ran down our legs, All cared for was smiling not said

Only this one second ride, laughed about wasting so much time

Some best deal searching

Not known or danced to with zest

Oh there seat 19m flea breakdancing, she’s the best

Joined celebrated movement of destination

185 fleas fell alive flying together

Leaving feet, minds in dreams, hearts left dancing

Breaking out in song near seat 14z

‘When gone beyond - Life shaped future as a note to a song

Geometry built swaying louder - Vibration transformed hearing life

Ignorance towards nature, compassion or trust - Flew away in a sacred silent space

Between freeing sounds found within, Lifting up mountain air partners

Singing across all worldly waters, We forever belong and are listening together’

Bird then chirped ‘Time told peer within perspective tested internal visions

meticulously drawn into planned postulations

of moments gone beyond the screen.

Intensity memoried around evolving,

laughing need to feel achieving yesterdays mingled

where our forgotten remained.

Anticipation explained learnedly study how but not ticks ticking on and on

against tender potential cast birthings

ripped among bouncing horizoned skylines

where we as expectations flew by.

Opportunity’s dancing feet will twirl endlessly on

your ‘Welcome to your tomorrow!’ mat,

while shadows of hopes hold out passing chasing merging molecules of destiny

felt only to be moving yesterday.’

Merging climbing nuances

Bought an expired ticket playing our life story and popcorn

To distract from abstract meanings

of consumption and grasping.

‘One more’ to the barkeep ‘we have gone beyond!’

‘Why ask the world to repeat a question’ said the stranger

‘to move beyond needing one more?’.

Dear less needful day’s point

Raised pondering precipices of preposterousness

This is this as the test of a test of our knowledge

Existing in existence than capable of sensing

With questioning that is all.

Woke up all thoughts

Put bags away and seated waiting

‘Fashion seatbelts’ chimed as life took off

Tear blurred visions fell out of seats straining to gaze.

Watching forgiven run ways holding hearts

Proclaiming ‘life can’t separate I leave from you leave!’

Instant distant longing destination from inward pursuit

Cared changing tingle able to love

Sounding connected truths erase strength of concerns.

Time scratched inspiring pursuits

Never need of method, measure or quest

Up against searching reason

With any more powerful answer

Than a simple ‘us’.  

Last Updated ( Monday, 19 January 2015 )