"Zen does not confuse spirituality with thinking about God while one is peeling potatoes. Zen spirituality is just to peel the potatoes."

Alan Watts

“You know, you don’t throw a whole life away just ’cause he’s banged up a little.” – Tom Smith. “You know, everybody thinks we found this broken-down horse and fixed him, but we didn’t. He fixed us. Every one of us. And I guess

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Certified Personal Training, Ashtanga Yoga, Stott Pilates and Distance Running Instruction

Instructor Jason Loutitt

Elite Athlete,Yogi, Fitness Instructor, Artist and Designer; Jason resides in the Sea To Sky area (Vancouver and Squamish BC, Canada). 

Jason is humbled to of been involved with super interesting team experiences as an elite athlete and knows what it takes to enable us to run through those physical, mental, emotional and spiritual mountains.

He believes that creating a better training presence through our efforts imparts positive energy, wisdom and hope. Jason hopes to add more than take away from this journey and since we must train lets train towards a better day… together.

More on Jason here. 

Can’t Deny Denial

"When a thing is denied, the very denial involves something not denied."

D.T. Suzuki

The RTM Trained Philosophy believes in the opening of new doors towards training, thinking and embracing achievement as a holistic act.

Then incorporating philosophical approaches and holding the training journey in a unique sacred way allows for a wholehearted dive into unchartered potential with increased fun, spirit and drive.

Finally, we may only become our best by honouring our overall development and cherishing the journey along the way while striving to unfold the combined holistic potential through our physical achievements. A last reflection on our growth then starts the cycle all over again to reach that next level of achievement.

Define your own ‘Ready’ in your journey!

For interesting options to consider for your fitness training simply pick the approach you would like to take and the activity and we can take off from there.

The RTM Nature Trainee is a new personal training approach involving only using outdoor and natural tools for development as an athlete. Yes… think boulders, trees, sticks, mud, sand, sunshine and even rain. Connect, transform and get fit with the power of nature. The same approach can be done for Yoga, Pilates or a strictly outdoor Running focus.

The RTM Indoor Trainee is usually device or indoor environment specific in order to maximize time, concentration or focus in place of the more character developing focus above. Think facilities, props and more accurate measures to gauge progression. At your home, a rented facility or through an existing gym or studio.

The RTM Diverse Trainee combines the above pursuits with an indoor and outdoor training schedule in order to best maximize growth and balance in all regards.

 Bookings currently available. Contact Jason.