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2007 Blue Planet Run

The 2007 Blue Planet Run was a 21 person relay run around the entire world took place going through 16 Countries in 95 Days to spread the message of the importance of access to clean drinking water. I was one of the lucky relay runners. Each of us ran 10 miles at a time and then had every 5th day as a rest day. During our run, we would do media appearances, stage presentations and do a ceremony when we switched runners. Our teams of 5 runners would then switch running shifts on that rest day going from a 9pm-3am, 3am-9am, 9am-3pm or 3pm to 9pm schedule. Needless to say after shifting our sleep cycles every 5 days for 95 days it did feel like we ran around the entire world.




2011 World Ultra Trail Championships Television Broadcast (28min)