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Poetry by Jason
Written by Jason Loutitt   
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Poetry by Jason
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The Day after Father's Day

whisperingly dancing across the ocean floor
the feather fell from the cherry tree
gathering a forcefull power to be oh so much more
the rotted pit rolled across the lawn
my heart ached, splintering the hardest wood
the colour changed from pink to red
and on the other side of the world
alone i stood, alone you crawled

you woke, moved closer,
held my arm and closed your eyes
our first and last sleep together,
i would of cut a swath, so quick,
through the toughest jungle
to have you know my love for you
torments me with it's sheer power
in truth, in order, in peace
i feel you understand of this life we share
and no further than my eyes do i look
and in them you are there

but i wasn't, my fault, by your side
the eyes well, unending flow, nothing subsides
ripples of pain, from being, oh so scared
i will give of my life to forever be there

when you run and hear that echo in your step
it is i, your Father, who will shake the ground with pride
having you as my friend, my teacher, my son
to know just how much of a man you truely will become

so the day after father's day i feel all the same
a reason, a calling, a truth no matter how far you are away
and perhaps when reading this we help push that wave
that reaches across the world
that is just enough to say

i love you son

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