Thursday, 29 January 2015
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Poetry by Jason
Written by Jason Loutitt   
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Poetry by Jason
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Keeping oneself down in action

not moving with nature

but designed, opposing... the values fade and attach

To the wind that blows our

action in it's own direction

Right action is connected to the other

appreciation not moved

Through stages of movement

from the seperate self

The expression of self, may often

find itself on it's way

Without the release of talent,

forces align, out of discontent

and the livlihood choosen isn't

effective for being in a state

of being. Right livlihood

practised values through every moment of

every day existence valued by the true heart

Tension of a mental muscle twitched

The neurons firing in pursuit

Anxiety taking the spot of oxygen

Becoming an anticipation zapping

Pushing, defining and even recognizing

Severs an effort tied to being

Undone opening of effort's possibility

Moving with and toward peace

Connection truely weaved with

The nature of right effort.

Outside my window is a path

Inside my heart is a possibility

Having rounded the corner with the tree branches

Whisking my soul onward

I stop. There is no path

Only a right perspective I wish to look, to connect and to feel

Hope is genuine for even those who may stir with conflict

But if I were to empty my bowl, these wishes and hopes you will

Not hear fall to the ground even though they are indeed

Heavy in our thoughts. Cast them

Aside for pure right intention

For opening instead of grasping

When the world gave to it there was a whisper in our ears

A sound with no definition ringing out harmonies of truth

In speaking of the experience occasionally ingestion prevailed

For the space between sounds was crowded with reference and full

Right speech isn't seperate only when honouring it so

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