Thursday, 29 January 2015
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Poetry by Jason
Written by Jason Loutitt   
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Poetry by Jason
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Will we work on the lists we have

Built up in our mind

That signifies it is finally time

Or will the rhyme of pulls

And twisting anxiety of these days

Continue to distract us

I, the I that is both you and I

Remember our conversations

Perhaps thought left alone

By their solitary sides

And always have we carried these

Along with all the weights that are you

Who nevermore left our side

For neither you nor I were never lost at all

We had the reference of each other

To place our played positions on

Trembling, faltering and hoping

You held our lives in contempt

Our internal rebellion sought

Outward and In,

Holding as you but within our life’s court

For in affecting the only real thing we could

Away from postulations and interpersonal standards

We are the tremble

We are the falter

With just enough hope

That our lives may hold us apart from such loss

Our behaviour described, patterns told

Such as those always created when sought

Defining definitions defined definitively

Our lives for your cause stall indefinitely

Still we fight the fight that we fought

Against this spurious you

There you were and there were we

Together with our planning

There were they and there were none

That we could be the ones who from you

Were scrupulously undone

Oh, the play within a play playing a vital part

Oh, the play to play a way to play a vital part

Oh, the place vitality plays for us

Without labelled measure, cause or purpose

The you in me and me in you

Played as some oh so oh so oh so real


We stand up on trembling legs

Falling again and again

Looking out at distant horizons

Rising again and again

Seeing you in the beauty

Connecting again and again

Of all we can feel

Calling out again and again

That our lives are about

What we can be
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