Saturday, 31 January 2015
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Poetry by Jason
Written by Jason Loutitt   
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Poetry by Jason
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Still, one day we will meet

For we swear we saw a glimpse of our reflection

Bounce off of a single lonely tear falling to the ground 

In it, we were with each other

But we turned back and we were not there.

Even though we don’t know, even though we can’t describe

Exactly who the other is, exactly what we look like 

Our names, heights and how we smell

Fills our senses to the deepest of places

Where only the other resides and from that we understand 

How we make each other feel and Still, you are beside me.

Again, I turn and see a smile before your essence fades

In this moment that lasts forever

That thing which we never let go of

If in the second which decides our decision, 

We remember the other is still there

Then we’ve overcome loneliness and the deepest of despair.

Never to be alone for none of us are without

We are all with each other ever after and after that we are Still

The one of them from all, that I know is also waiting 

For the moment of turning towards

For the moment of not having the other fade away. 

For we walk by each other every day before we wake

Yet we do not know each other’s name and wait

To see that it is of the other that we are made 

and it is only the I of you that makes us true.

Having never seen each other except for from seeking within

And after my exhale, you inhale; after my beat, your pause; after my life, Still you

We are not separate, for we have always met that feeling deep inside 

The one that hold the place where only the other resides

Still, we are together and one day we will meet. 


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