Friday, 30 January 2015
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Poetry by Jason
Written by Jason Loutitt   
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Poetry by Jason
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Ever Notice The Poem

For the grandson asked and the elder grandmother sighed

Uncomfortable, yes, but he needed to know why

‘Help me’, Granny… ‘Please…tell me your poem of really seeing’

The Grandmother elder smiled

And said, ’ok…I’ll tell you one more time…

But don’t forget the question…

For it will help you get by.’

The Grandmother sat and shared her poem…


“In the end there

was only the one

Little squirrel who

jumped on the last tree

And climbed until

there was nothing more

The question came

to him but not from the world

From some place


that didn’t want to be alone

Ever Notice - the question,

floated like a cloud

in a storm

Blown through the fur,

through the marrow of his bones

Reaching a place


not wanting to be alone”

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