RTM DESIGNED: Creation takes on Meaning inside the art ring

to forge a new relationship that transcends boundaries

and defines success as the action between the two.

The same creativity that is applied towards training is also put into how I like to live and who I am. For example in 2015 I trained as a runner wearing clothing I designed and using footwear I customized.




Custom Gear

  • The creation of Clothing and/ or Equipment for both athletic pursuits and casual mending has always been a passion of mine. Ideas, prototypes and articles have been accepted by previous companies for their value and ingenuity. Custom work available. Samples to come…

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Art and Design

  • From sculpture to paintings or digital work, I enjoy the creative process and try to engage this same dimension in my own training as an athlete and also as an instructor. Art shows and various pieces are always being considered/ created. Other samples to come…


  • Compilations of poems currently being merged into audio files, music and a book format.

One of hundreds…

Oh How I Have Waited

Just as a building torrent dare open ground

Or wind be lifted from our sound

Life was known to be oh so cherished

If only we could wait


Interest abided and such study of love

Placed in back pockets along with our rum

People passed by gazing as a task

Of ourselves we paused just long enough to ask

There in here, that place within

Intuition described the best path through the forest

And I sang out loud while turning the other

Knowing if returned I go where not possible before

So was possibility standing on the corner nonchalantly

Feeling just as much interest as any obsessed

Or did it share with us a dream

Of how simple waiting now shows us what we have?

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