Training Services

Sultra 2.12-2.25

"Ignorance can be defined as our attachment to our thoughts and experiences as the revelation of our true selves. Enlightenment is simply an absence of this alignment or in other words 'letting go'."

My short perspective of Yoga Sultras 1.40-1.51

Run Coaching Options:


  1. For the New Runner. Learn the basics and even start out with a combined walking/ running program.
  2. For the Distance Runner. Whether you are focused on your first 10k, half marathon or marathon or just moving up in distance.
  3. For the Experienced Mountain or Ultra Runner. I have both the experience and knowledge to help you improve.
  4. In Person.
  5. Online Coaching. 

RTM Run Coaching Method:

  • Function – Motivation, Strengths and Biomechanical Analysis.
  • Form – Yogic Running (Breath as Open Door), Lightening (Using body, gravity and momentum).
  • Fitness – Using run training/ racing not as an end means but as a tool for better energy and life.
  • Fun – Return to embracing the act in all it’s joys and wonders.

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Yoga Instruction Options:


  1. Ashtanga
  2. Hatha/ Vinyasa and/or Hot
  3. Anusara
  4. Yin/ Restorative
  5. Philosophy

RTM Yoga Instruction Method:

  • Grounded… Increasing Inner Knowledge Alignment. *Enquire for explanation*
  • Simplified… Applying Outer Skills Correctly. *Enquire for explanation*
  • Opened… Creating Space in Mind and Body. *Enquire for explanation*
  • Extended… Moving Into That Space For Meeting Our New Self. *Enquire for explanation*


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Personal Training Options:

  1. Cardio Focused Development.
  2. Strength Targeted Growth.
  3. Functional Fitness.
  4. Lifestyle Improvement.

RTM Personal Training Method:

  • Resourcing… Environment Efficiency – *Enquire for explanation*
  • Incorporating… Methodology, Motivation and Philosophy -*Enquire for explanation*
  • Applying… Balancing, Targeting, Opening and Closing -*Enquire for explanation*
  • Regenerating… Growth and Redefining -*Enquire for explanation*

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Pilates Instruction Options:

  1. Stott aligned basics and foundations.
  2. More Intense Core sessions.
  3. Pilates principle alignment with your sport, activity or lifestyle.
  4. Customized programming.

Pilates Instruction Method:

  • Development… of Rhythm Check. *Enquire for explanation*
  • Incorporation… of Coordination. *Enquire for explanation*
  • Appreciation… of Subtleties. *Enquire for explanation*
  • Engagement… of Core. *Enquire for explanation*

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